February by Claude Ciccolella

15'06   surround   2019

February was to be the final realization of this quadriptych, ultimate video that I have difficulties to finish, at least in this form. On November 5, 2018 two buildings rue d'Aubagne, the 63 and 65 collapse, causing the death of eight inhabitants and causing a terrible shock in the population. Marseilles has collapsed, Marseille the fascinating, the mysterious, the catchy Marseille has been lost. Events I attended were organized by the collective "November 5, Noailles angry", which was born from this tragedy. In the months that followed nearly three thousand people were evicted by a municipal bylaw of imminent danger, the habitat presenting a danger in view of its solidity. In February 2019, I filmed experiences of shots, successive cuts of the space mainly in panoramics and zooms from Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde and from Palais du Pharo. Blinded by the trauma, the various attempts of editing integrated fragments of manifestations in a documentary form. I left in good faith conscious and unconscious axes of the first two videos. In spite of the constructive criticisms made during the monthly meetings of the collective nbc, I continued to lose myself, still not being able to make judicious choice to reconcile my aesthetic research with the revolt, the anger, the sadness which embraced me? Something in me had collapsed along with those two buildings. Marseille, a city with many captivating smells had become murderous. Its insalubrity was nothing but noise and forbidden senses. Three months later the editing finally came into existence, Marseille's urban space, as a single motive, was able to express itself in a cinematographic journal in three days. A horizontal panoramic back and forth, urbanity gradually fills the image and straddles a more solar city, shots of buildings suspended, stopping, in the obsessive quest of the lost city. The clouds are not enough for the feeling of abandonment. The vertical panoramic of roofs and walls pulsate with red until dusk clouds. Marseille is no more than a dream, a sublime and nightmarish dream, unreal, a dream with multiple overlays where the universes with multiple dimensions collide and disappear. With string theory I envisioned multiple universes and a reconciliation between the immersed part of my emotions and the multiple dimensions of urban space. I reconciled the tiny part of my being and the general movement of plans. Originally, I had planned a silent video, at the end of the editing I added sound echoing the emotions of these terrible moments, fruit of Marseille's urban policy. String theory is a reconciliation, reconciliation between quantum mechanics and general relativity by unifying four known elementary interactions: the strong nuclear interaction, responsible for atomic cohesion, the electromagnetic interaction, responsible for the interactions between atoms, the interaction weak, responsible for the radioactive decay of subatomic particles, and the gravitational interaction, responsible for the attraction of massive bodies. The strings, fundamental objects of this theory, are one hundred billion billion times smaller than an atom. These are strands of energy that vibrate in different ways to produce the characteristics of elementary particles. The universe is a great cosmic symphony of energy. Ropes opened by their vibration can act as a bridge between two objects. Closed cords could be at the origin of gravity and its elementary particle graviton. Some of these strings, the branes, are objects that stretch to infinity, large as universes, on a number of variable dimensions. The shape of the strings is therefore fundamental. The Big Bang would have been caused by the collision of two branes causing the deployment of a very intense energy.

The cinematographic journal in three days
"Marseille is a city according to my heart, it is the only one of the ancient capitals that does not crush you with the monuments of its past, it looks good and funny, it is dirty and lousy. it is nevertheless one of the most mysterious cities in the world and most difficult to decipher. " Blaise Cendrars


The red circle.

A child on a bike.



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